The Proof

Greetings, I’m back. I apologize for the wait, but I my absents I’ve found more evidence. You see I was at my job when I found some of the most convincing evidence of the cults existence. And the shear amount of them is absurd.

First, of all I found this on my deck in the morning.20160512_000908.jpgNow to the untrained eye, this my look like an ordinary pencil sharpener. But if you look at it closely you can see its true nature. Here let my show you.wser.jpgI can’t believe my boss is such a fool. How could he let this happen. But it gets worst, for I went to the conference room I found this.20160511_130803.jpgNow this isn’t just some random doodle on the white broad. But it actually another sign. Look!vgh.jpgIt was another sign. At this point I’m appalled by the amount of signs I my office. But when I get back to my deck I couldn’t believe my eyes.20160512_001020.jpgYou see I didn’t leave my mouse like this. Someone else moved it to form…tjdg.jpgAnother sign… Now at this moment I’m in shock, how could all these symbols be at my job, the place were I feel the most at home have so many symbols. But than the thought hits me. My boss is part of the cult and has been brainwashing my fellow employees. But I couldn’t believe that. I’ve been working here for a month now and I never saw anything before. He couldn’t be part of the cult I though. Until I saw this!20160511_134331.jpgAt that point I run out of there as fast as I could and I’m never coming back. There is no point in going back, its to late to save my fellow I’m employees now. But this experience has shown me that the cult is more wide spread than I thought. And so from this day forward I will dedicate my life to stop the cult, no matter the cost. I’ll be back.


The Truth

The Truth

Hello, my name not important but what is important is what I’m about to tell you.I have been noticing some strange things for a while now ranging from subliminal messages to hidden symbols. Well after a bit of research I have found proof of a evil cult that intends to destroy the world. They are called the Cult of Apollyonti. In order to destroy the world they want to summon a demon known as Apollyon. This is a rough sketch I made of what it looks like.20160428_193400 (1).jpgI’m not sure how but I think it related to brain washing but yet again I’m not sure. That’s all I got for now, but I will be back with more info later. Please post in the comments if you see anything related to the cult and remember to keep an eye out for the cult.